Our customers are mainly found in Sweden, but also throughout the rest of Scandinavia. Many of them deliver in turn to end users worldwide. We manufacture thus essentially for other machine and process suppliers, and we have no proprietary products.

Customers are active in a variety of industries such as food, energy, water, machinery and bulk handling. What we produce is therefore used in such diverse applications as vehicles, heat exchangers, food processing machinery, port facilities and ships. The products are used on land and at sea and over large parts of the world. There are often very high demands on products, processes, delivery and documentation.

In 2013, we processed approximately 3,000 tons of steel into products, from small parts with weight around a hectogram, to large conveyors and pressure vessels up to some 100 tons.

Our customers appreciate our support throughout the process when needed, and the ability to access both the individual company’s edge and the group’s common width and strength. A very large proportion of our customers have work with us for a long time, sometimes for the entire corporate history. Customers include many global businesses with world-leading products and brands.

An example of a new customer, where the group’s width but also the expertise is of great importance, is the University of Lund. The Sundet group has a framework agreement for mechanical production of the new world-leading research facility for synchrotron light, called the MAX IV facility and being built outside Lund. The facility has a need for everything from simple fittings to unique apparatus with enormous precision requirements.

The slideshow above shows some examples of what we manufacture: Cut, bent, welded and machined parts as well as complete units.