Our three companies are each specialized in a specific type of production, and therefore have different profiles of employees, equipment, facilities and networks.

Specialization is strength within each business segment. It is also strength of the group Sundet Industrier, since the companies often complement each other.

Through our close collaboration, we can usually meet the customer’s needs. The customer then gets access to both specialists and a wide offer through a single contact. This ability is our greatest resource.

This is a summation of our resources:

  • Factories in three cities in south Sweden; Helsingborg, Bjuv and Svedala
  • About 130 employees
  • Provides besides production also project management, engineering, procurement and QA
  • Large machine park for sheet metal cutting, welding, machining, surface treatment and assembly of both small and large objects. Both manual and CNC / robotic machines
  • Long experience within lots of different fields, and a wide network of contacts
  • About 18,000 m² manufacturing area, including several large halls with heavy cranes
  • Production capacity for both small parts, machinery and large assemblies weighing a hundred ton

For a more detailed description of the companies’ resources, see their respective websites:

Resources Liedholms

Resources Laserstans TechPro

Resources Skruva Teknik