Sundet Handel consists of the companies Laitis Handels AB and Mustang AB who pursue trade with both businesses and individuals.

Laitis Handels AB and its subsidiaries have eight establishments which sell automotive and industrial supplies, primarily in Northern Sweden where Laitis is the market leader and has stores in six cities. Laitis has in 50 years evolved from a basement business to a regional market leader with about 230 million SEK in sales.

The company was founded by Erik Laiti nearly 50 years ago. Then it was about charging car batteries and selling used auto parts. Gradually, the business concept has evolved and today they provide industries, workshops, gas stations and individual consumers with a large selection of supplies, tools and spare parts.

Mustang AB sells bicycles with the venerable brand Mustang ©. The bikes are currently sold mainly through our bike shop online, directly to consumers.

Operations are conducted in Svedala in south Sweden, an short bike ride from the local town of Trelleborg where Carl Liljeberg started a velocipede factory in 1923. His vision still stands; build bikes of high quality and at a good price to the people. In addition, we have added high service and a smooth purchase procedure.

For more information and contact details, we kindly refer to each company’s website:

Laitis Handels AB

Mustang AB